Experienced Manufacturing
personal design, engineering and manufacturing assistance

Ree Machine was founded in 1967 by David Gordon in a 2 car garage in Billerica MA. It was with started with the idea that he could deliver a quality product at a competitive price. This tenet is alive and well at Ree today.

Though much larger and occupying quite a bit more space, we are not too big as to lose sight of our customer’s quality, pricing and service goals.

We can and have provided personal design, engineering and manufacturing assistance to many of our customers. From the “off the street” homeowner with a broken bolt to the scientist we can help your expectations to be met.

Ree has experience in nearly every aspect of manufacturing. We serve and have served more industrial fields than most shops. From simple fixes to mission critical components in virtually any material, metals, plastics, ceramics, plain steel to the exotics if it can be cut we can do it.

Ree strives to outperform our customers’ expectations in quality, accuracy and delivery. With a talented pool of associates and employees we won’t disappoint.

man using machining equipment